Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. - khalil gibran


Welcome to WILDFOLK + CO.

What started as a personal journey documenting the creative musings of a modern-day nomad has now turned into a more developed ‘hub’, if you will, of created and curated inspiration.

I started this blog several years ago and have watched it grow from a scattered collection of thoughts and poetry to a full-blown creative expression. Everything from wellness + travel to art + almond milk can be found here.

Creation. Exploration. Curation.


the Inspirational Woman Project
++ What does it mean to be a woman?

My name is Taren.

I have been watching myself change and grow in an expedited fashion over the last 7 years. Traveling the world and experiencing culture that is altogether different from your own will do that to you. Sometimes the experiences are hard, but they always leave you stronger.

In the last year, alone, I've become more focused, more driven, learning and striving for things like perseverance and grace.

The things I desire creatively are also shifting, growing and expanding. Film has found a place in my heart along side imagery, acting, wellness and a growing interest in fashion.

I've always been someone who desired to be steady, unchanging -- but not for myself, for others. My boat has been rocked so hard in my 25 years that I found myself fearing change within, lest I create friction for those outside of me. but that is no way to live.

 This is my expression of that. Everything creative in my mind is worth a shot, at the very least, so here it is, a compilation of things I am pursuing, things I am passionate about, and people I love and desire to see go far.

all that to say, enjoy.