3 Ways to Inspire Productivity

Your workspace, and the inspiration you draw from it, plays an integral part in determining your level of productivity.

Taking the time to create an environment that promotes creativity is never a waste. When you feel comfortable, creativity comes unhindered. Often times we don't realize her affected we are by the aesthetic of a room. For myself I've concluded that if my space is disorganized I will, often unawares, prioritize anything and everything aside from what needs to be done to avoid being in the mess. That is to say, find what energizes you and build that into your space.

Efficiency is also crucial to output. Find your flow, the things you use most and do your best to keep your workspace free and uncluttered, minimizing distraction. Whether you're a designer, director, entrepreneur or weekend artist, here are 3 ways to inspire productivity.

1. Declutter

Your desk is your place of work, not your place of storage. Anything that doesn't need to be there, shouldn't be. Give things a home and when they aren't in use, take a second to return them to that place. I've found shelves and drawers are the best for this. There are a million brilliant and inspirational ways to organize even your every day things and it pays to take the time to find what works for you!

2. Surround yourself

Now that you have a clear space let's talk about what inspires you! Is it plants? Artwork? Vintage or travel trinkets? Whatever it is, now is the time to masterfully surround yourself! Go check out some workspaces on Pinterest and find what makes you think, "Dang. I want that." Don't limit yourself to what other people are doing, but rather use it as reference to model your own space after. 

In this case just remember that less is more in clearing room for your creativity.


I'm a work horse to the max. I like to sit down and pump it out, but sometimes it's at the expense of my projects full creative potential. Take the time to pause; get up, move your body, stretch, get some water, have a laugh and enjoy some sunshine before coming back-- your entire being will thank you (and so will your client). The good news is: now you have a decluttered and inspirational space- and one that promotes your brilliance- to you return to!

make something beautiful,
xo-- & stay wild