3 Way to Tap Your Intuition

Raad Studio

Raad Studio

a thing that one knows or considers likely from
instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.


Your intuition is an inseparable part of who you are as a human, and can be a powerful tool. 

Every action we take in life is preceded by either decision or choice. We analyze situations or perceive them in a certain way and then we move into action. When we pair our perception and the options at hand with our ingrained intuition we are better able to move into action with confidence, often leading us to a higher sense of self. 

Even still, some people choose to ignore their intuition and others were never taught how to tap into it. The truth is, none of us are strangers to the whispers of our intuition we just have to learn to identify it. Identifying things unseen, and recognizing the feel of an abstract reality such as intuition, comes only with practice. So please, go play! Check out the three tips below, give yourself a moment of trust and tap that intuition!

1. be intentional

Making the decision to listen to yourself-- to your intuition--is probably the single most important part of... well, life. We often unconsciously let our current circumstances dictate our decision making, negating the value of our intelligence and wisdom (even our experience); rendering ineffective the power of perseverance, willingness to work hard and even faith.

In other words we choose to live in survive mode instead of thrive mode. Only your intuition will lead you to thrive mode and it takes being intentional to tap that perspective. 


2. make time

You're busy. I get it. Most of us are, but making time isn't as complicated as it sounds. Today on my way to Best Buy I "made time" to check in with myself about a decision I was feeling uneasy about. Call it prayer, call it meditation, call it whatever-- just give yourself a second to connect.=


3. be still

Being still doesn't always look like physically being still. Sometimes being still means going for a drive, turning on your favorite song, or perhaps this time it does look like sprawling out in the middle of your floor and simply existing. Being still is simply the picture for turning from projecting to receiving; from talking expression to observation. Whatever your needs are this time around, let it happen. Let your heart wander, let your mind slow, feel whatever you need to in that moment and then listen. 

get higher, 
x— & stay wild