4 STEPS To Project Success (GIVEAWAY!)

Visualization and organization are two very important keys to productivity. I've found that if I can't see a project in front of me I start to feel overwhelmed and I find myself spending more time procrastinating than actually working. Being able to see the bigger picture gives us confidence in diving into the mix of things.

When it comes to project success just remember that sitting down to do it is usually more difficult than the actual task before you! Stay positive, focus on your vision for the project and DO WORK.

And if you need a little boost to get you going, check out the four STEPS I've found that help me on my way to Project Success:


1.  Write it all down

And I don't mean in your computer or phone. There is something wildly powerful about writing something out, being able to touch it, move it and see it in front of you. Get creative with it! Sometimes for stories I write things on index cards and then tape them to my wall, with maps and inspiration to get a better feel and flow. I find it inspiring to be able to actually look at the things I'm working on.

2. Prioritize

Not everything has to be done today, but when it's all sitting in your brain it's hard to keep from feeling overwhelmed. Most of the time when I write down and prioritize my projects I find that I actually don't have as much to do as I thought I did -- and what a blessed relief that is!

3. Set Achievable Goals (and do them)

Most of the time projects are not finished in one day so it's helpful to set goals for yourself. Break your project down into steps, get practical and then use that structure to lean on when you need it. Don't box yourself in, but give yourself the support you need to succeed! It's super important to make your goals achievable (that's not to say don't challenge yourself), because the more you succeed the more confidence you build in yourself and your talents! and as always, celebrate your victories no matter how small they might be!

4. Organize

At the end of the day organization is KING for me. While I love to be able to see my projects, I also need to be able to file them away in an organized manner. One of the best tools and biggest helps I've found for this is Evernote. With Evernote you can create a hierarchy of organization to help you keep your projects straight! I build most everything I do into Evernote starting with 'Stacks' as my type of project (ex. Blogging, Film, Books), 'Notebooks' for each individual project, and then 'Notes' for all of my content.


AND because I think you'll love them too, I am giving away 3 month membership to Evernote Plus+, as well as a 'No Rest for the Rad' mug by my girl Natalie @TopKnotGoods -- because everyone knows caffeine is the other key to getting sh*t done. Drop a comment below sharing a project you're working on or your dream project to be entered to win! (for more entries, tag a friend on instagram @tearintaren) -- winner will be selected at random monday MAY 2,

I can't wait to see what you create,
as always xx- stay wild