5 Things to Consider While Approaching the New Year

"You the people have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure..." - Charlie Chaplin

Well, 2016 is nearly over and thankfully so for many of us. This year has had it's highs and it's lows and in that I don't think there is one among us that can say they will be heading into the new year without having learned something.

"Where Focus Goes,
Energy Flows."

It's important, I think, to end a year - even one as tumultuous as 2016 - with a sense of gratitude for all that we, as individuals, have made it through.

After all, here we are standing at the edge of a brand new year. And a year that boasts the potential for good and beautiful things, so what better way to phase into the new year than to set our intentions from a place of reflection.

Reflection is such a revitalizing experience; giving ourselves a moment to acknowledge both our victories and our moments of growth is important to continuing forward. When times get hard it's these mile markers that we seek to remind us that we've succeeded before, and we can do it again. 

So find yourself a quiet spot, grab a big blank sheet of paper, your favorite pen and a few creature comforts and allow yourself to recount some of your most memorable high's and to turn your learning experiences into goals and growth for the new year.

While I tend to do this rather frequently, here are a few things to consider in your year end reflection to get you started on rolling into 2017 focused and intention.


1. Victories & Achievement

Take a second and recount all of the things you did successfully in this last year, big to small. I know you have them, so dig em up and put em on display for yourself. What are the area's where you did what you set out to do? Write them all down. You did it.

2 / 3. Goals & Growth

I usually split these into two categories on my paper. Take a second and consider all the goals you have for the next year. They can be goals for work or personal goals. Consider your health, consider your home, Consider your relationships and your routines; what are the areas from this year that you recognize might need some revision in order for you to stay healthy and successful? For growth I usually use this column to outline area's of self that I want to focus on seeing expand. Things like: laughing more, making more memories, slowing down, being intentional, being quiet, listening; and then I go through and put action steps to all of these. What are practical ways, or relationships, where I can start to implement these into my life?

4 / 5. Priorities & Projects

Then are priorities and projects, which I also split into two columns. Take a second to outline the things that you want to focus on in this

coming season. Give yourself a little grace and be honest. Is health your top priority right now? or family? or work? or maybe, if you're honest, there are things that are not beneficial to your growth that are at the top of your list. All of that is okay. It's good to be honest with yourself, it's only from there that we can shift into change. So, list them out. Give yourself your top five and then order them by importance. Next write down all of your projects you're working on currently, or want to work on in the future (dream big y'all, because why not..) Now that they are all on paper it's a little easier to form plans of action, right? Maybe there are priorities that need to be adjusted to elevate your project success? or move you closer to your growth/goals? Or maybe not. But there it is, all on paper and ready to be molded into the future that you want. Well done, and good luck!