A Conscious Christmas

As some of you might know I spent the last 23 days romping around Europe and while I'd like to use that as an excuse for why I'm still working out what I want to gift my loved ones the truth is this is just how I roll. I can't possibly be the only one right? Okay, I'm sure you are all way ahead of the curve. I'm sure your presents are all bought and wrapped and tucked warmly under your tree. But if you're anything like me, this post is for you.

Christmas is such a funny time. We all rush about snapping up trinkets and doodads, but why? Because we should? I don't know about you but I never want to do something simply because I should. I want to understand my actions and move through life with intention. I want to be active in my humanity. Which brings me to this post. A Conscious Christmas.

As I was rummaging about, considering what to buy, I started thinking about the intent behind these gifts and the impact they have. What were my purchases going mean to and for the receiver? What about socially and economically? How often do we ask questions that require us to think bigger and be active in our own lives? Or consider our responsibility to our community and our planet? I know I do it less than I'd like. So, in light of consciousnesses I hope this post inspires you to slow down and think; I hope you ask questions, create conversation and consider things outside of yourself. Not just for the holiday season, but into the new year.

It might sound like a lot to take on at once (let's be real: emotional growth is no joke. shits intense.) especially in light of the crazy that is the week before Christmas, but remember: it's small steps and intentional choices that have great impact.

Here are a few if you're up to the challenge!


i. buy local, sustainable and prefer small business

> When it comes to social and economic impact we are the gatekeepers to our future. Our choices - where we put our money - says a lot about what we want from our lives and for our communities. So, What are you saying? Support your friends, buy their goods. Support your local small business. Choose sustainable, handmade options. Buy gifts with a message you believe in. It's simple, invest in things that last: people.

ii. wrap smart

> You know that hoard of paper bags you have hidden somewhere in your kitchen? It's time to put those suckers to good use. Cut it flat and wrap away! You already paid the 10 cents or whatever it is to buy them, so why not re purpose those puppies!

iii. buy with intention

> If you haven't already locked down your gifts let me ask you this: what is your gift saying? Are you buying to buy? or are you being intentional. My challenge to you is to consider your message.


Speaking of investing in people, shout-out to my friends making cool things. Whether Christmas shopping or otherwise, here are three of my favorites this season!
*Disclaimer: I am in no way saying that these gifts will be able to be delivered before Christmas.

AND if you'd like to make a difference in affecting change and supporting life, please consider giving to these organizations who are taking steps toward relieving the weight of terrible circumstances in places like Aleppo -- if anyone knows where to give to help @ standing rock (or other suggestions) please shoot me an email or leave a comment! thank you!

@preemptivelove / website


Leather Goods  by  Samuel Henderson

Leather Goods by Samuel Henderson

My boy Samuel is over there killing it with his leather goods. I have one of his handmade journals and I love it.

Check him out HERE

North Pole Ninjas  by  Tyler Knott & Sarah Linden

North Pole Ninjas by Tyler Knott & Sarah Linden

There is nothing better then bringing a little kindness back to holidays, and my friends tyler and sarah have created a gift whose intent is just that! Got kids to shop for? this one is for you!

Check it out here
&Follow TK @tylerknott on insta

Natural Goodies  by  Leyna Allred

Natural Goodies by Leyna Allred

I've been following my girl Leyna's journey since the beginning (We even did an interview with her way back) and couldn't be more proud and impressed with where she is at.

If you're into natural, plant-based goods she needs to be your first stop.

Check her and her goodies HERE