Hot Water + Lemon

Written by: Lauren Westerfield



Lemons carry a host of health benefits, from vitamin C to fiber to flavonoids. Add organic lemon juice to warm water and you get a gentle daily detox that wakes up the digestive system, flushes the liver, soothes the stomach and lends a bright, sunny start to your morning.


Growing up in Northern California, my mother shopped at the local Good Nature Grocery long before the birth of Whole Foods. We traded dairy for organic soy, chocolate for carob, Bisquick for buckwheat pancake mix. In short, I’m no stranger to health food trends—and I’ve tried them all. From kale to kombucha, coconut oil to cultured cabbage. That said, I’m also a student of holistic nutrition. As such, I believe in eating for the individual: tuning in, cultivating awareness and choosing foods that serve my body in this season, this day, this hour. Sometimes I eat vegetarian; sometimes not. Sometimes raw, sometimes macrobiotic. Sometimes, I eat French fries and wash them down with a delicious craft brew…because I’m human.

The one exception to this “no-two-days-alike” dictum? Hot water with lemon. I start every morning with about 6 ounces of warm water and the juice of ½ organic lemon—and I recommend this cleansing, alkalizing and balancing tonic to pretty much everyone. Enjoy your lemon water on an empty stomach for maximum benefit, and repeat anytime throughout the day when you’re struggling with a minor headache, a sour stomach, or any other symptoms of acidity or dietary excess.