letters to myself: realizing the wild

August 24, 2014 --

I've changed. I always do, it never fails to catch me off guard when I realize this in hindsight. I am however learning to accept and dare I say love the process.

Today I am more cultured, more awakened. I've come to terms with the fact that people were right in encouraging us to enjoy our careless youth. I have turned inevitability into gratitude in the realization that I have indeed become my parents; I've developed the flawed, yet boundless love of my father and the tenacious drive of my mother.

In recent years I've narrowed down my passions and developed dreams that house them. Ive seen myself step into and grow in the area of business and I've developed a sometimes questionable love for structure.

I've seen myself become a more mindful human and am proud of that.

I am still and forever a wanderer on this earth. My bones ache and groan for distant shores. My mind is thirsty for wisdom and knowledge - my spirit desiring encounter and experience.

I see myself changing, and I love it

I am developing a love for fashion and current events. I find myself wrestling with the desire to nest, almost constantly. And through it all I leave with this one realization:

It is okay to be right where I am. I am no less wild in this. Wild is a state of heart.