Los Osos: Montaña De Oro

Photo and Words by: Sabrina Klomp

Lose yourself with us in the cool blues and deep greens of this rugged oceanside park located in California.


Every time I come here I am overwhelmed. The cool air, the expanse of leaves on the earth’s floor, the quiet. It moves me. Eucalyptus and salt invade my senses, making me feel small under the earth's giant arms. I feel myself breathing deeply and holding my breath all at once. Pelicans and surfers play in the sea and the white tails of rabbits invite you in the chase: explore. 

Montaña De Oro means ‘Mountain of Gold.’ The aptly named state park stretches north and south along the California coast with bluff trails, peaks with stunning views, sand dunes, tide pool discoveries, and treasure everywhere. The evidence of a wise and sovereign Creator surrounds me and this truth holds me warmly — I am but dust.