Urban Ache / Urban Outrage

This will be the first time I've ever taking a moment to write in the vein of controversy/current events, but I feel moved to do so from the inner working of who I am.

As you may or may not have seen Urban Outfitters has been creating some pretty big waves (or rather receiving a lot of focused attention) with some of their recent attire. I was only made aware of the happenings when I began seeing Facebook posts where actress Sophia Bush 'declared war' on Urban because of their "eat less" tee. Naturally my hackles raised; I became irritated with the lack of compassion and empathy for a real, life threatening struggle from a brand I rather enjoyed ( - the prices, obviously). Being the human that I am, though (virgo. ha.) I let it go and made a commitment to myself to be more aware (we control our actions alone. end of story.). period.

Then this happened and with the intention of writing this article I did a bit more research. It didn't start here, or recently. Urban has been branding our generation with bullshit, lies and outright curses of our human existence for a while now. We all know that thoughts become actions and manifestations in our lives so what are we surrounding ourselves with but even more so what are we branding ourselves with!

The Kent State sweatshirt is unreal. How is it possible for a collective group of designers, managers, owners etc, to disregard something so tragic. To throw around the fragility of human existence and the loss inflicted in that moment... it's actually terrifying to me that there are human beings out there that are not sensitive to the sacred nature of life. Go read about the massacre, please, if you haven't already. It's heartbreaking...

I have, honestly, only recently begun to take into account the active output of brands - what are they teaching us, what do they stand for, how do they connect me with my culture, people, and my planet? - as I've been hired to do just that for a clothing company based in Los Angeles, and I wouldn't say that I am shocked Urban has moved in this direction, but I am definitely disappointed.

The reality is this post isn't about Urban, it's about the state of humanity in this moment. Who are we? Who are you, as a human being. As a intricately crafted creature. I can tell you straightforward that you are not depression. And you are not ignorant, even if you've only read these few words. You are aware. And awake -- so what do we do with awareness? Continue to support a brand that discounts and degrades the beauty and capacity of the human spirit? or stand for something, even though while those around you choose not to?

I said it earlier, and I stand by it. We alone control our choices, and actions. Period.
Goodbye Urban, it was fun in ignorance.


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