Confidence and Why It's a Huge Part of Our Success

We all want the fairy tale. We want that one person who against all odds, and in spite of our current state of disarray, see's the gold within us.

We dream of the one who will champions us, even when we don't see it in ourselves. Unfortunately for us, those people seem to be in short supply. So before I go any further I'd first like to encourage you to be that person for someone else. Open your eyes to those around you. Find the ones who glow, even if ever so faintly, and be the very thing you want for yourself, for them. Find those who carry vision, even if it's currently unclear or unfocused. Keep your eyes peeled for the deep dreamers, the poetic ones, but most importantly find the ones who are tenacious in their pursuit of making the world a better place and then invest all that you have to further their cause.

Be the change.

My goal in this is not to be a debbie downer in saying that mentors and champions are in short supply, but instead to empower you. Most of the time we stand facing the future, our talent bubbling beneath the surface, fear dancing in our face; we know we are capable, we just have to embrace the reality that we are our greatest ally. Even with a fairy godmother, without our own personal 'yes' there will never be any growth.

There is something incredible that happens when we believe in ourselves and trust our talent. Fear becomes less of a beast and more of an annoyance, a pesky gnat to be swatted aside. Fear just seems silly when we realize that everyone is a student. Our entire life is an exploration of ourselves, and our abilities. Spoiler Alert: Most of us don't actually know what we are doing the majority of the time. We make it up and we make it excellence, relying on our invested time and instinct. 

But what if we fail? What if we fall?

Confidence is accepting that we will do those things, and that it's okay. Because even after all of the misery that accompanies those moments we recognize that we learned something that will make our next adventure better and more beautiful.

Confidence is believing in ourselves -- believing in our message enough to explore and refine it, creating a level of excellence within ourselves and our craft -- and that is the magic behind the artist. When we give ourselves the opportunity to fly we open up a whole new world. We allow ourselves to be more, to try harder; to get higher and to go further. No one is going to live your life for you, so say yes to yourself.

Put aside the voice that said "you aren't this" or "You can't that" or "you're not ready, equip or qualified to whatever" and run full force into your dreams. You are qualified. You are capable. Take that next step.

and as always,
xx, stay wild