okay HI!, nyc.

Okay. I've always liked to consider myself the spontaneous type, but I'm also practical. And the older I get the more practicality wins out (seriously, LA is expensive, mama's got bills and spontaneity typically cost some sort of money). So imagine my nervous-excitement when I decided to buy a round trip ticket to NYC for... fun. Yea. I said it. Fun. what the hell?

I started thinking about it and realized that this is the first time I've ever purchased a ticket just because I wanted to. It feels like some sort of accomplishment. A one-up if you will. I've traveled a lot of places but I've always had the "over there" taken care of, usually a job or organization I'd be working with. The only sure thing awaiting me in New York are the smiling faces of some of my favorite people. Of course my freelance mind has already gone into over drive trying to figure out ways to make the most of it both for creative purposes, work and for play, but I'm excited to see what this kind of travel feels like.

New York City. What. I vaguely remember visiting once when I was like eight years old, but I consider it an unknown beast. Friends have been telling me every so frequently since moving to LA that I would love and thrive in The City That Never Sleeps. I'm somewhat skeptical, mostly because I'm not a fan of the hard-natured personality of the East Coast, but I'm starting to wonder if they might be right. New York seems to have a consistent flux of happenings, an endless array of tastes and see's, which is both exciting and so adverse to the somewhat slim offerings of Los Angeles...I want to make a list-- but I'm trying to not make a list.. . I love lists. Speaking of lists and NYC, my girl NoraLily, who loves making lists too, just launched her hilarious and stylish blog Baie Rouge and I firmly support you going and checking it out.

All that said, Let the count down begin! Here's to new adventures, trying to chill the eff out, and reuniting with some of the best humans who currently exist. See you soon New York.