3 Basics for Claiming Your Destiny Daily



Humans are like onions. We are convoluted and complex creatures who have the incredible ability to feel and choose. We are able to reinvent ourselves, both physically and mentally, which is a powerful tool. Each day we wake, we rise, and we come face to face with our circumstances. Each morning brings a platter of decision; will we play the part of the oppressed or will we settle our bones into the unmovable, unshakable intrinsic power that is within us?

Words are power. There is no denying that. But before words form on the tips of our tongues we first think these thoughts.

Gandhi said it best,
"Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

What you believe is what you think about. What you think about is what you speak out. What you speak out is what you act out. What you act out becomes your cycles. Your cycles reveal your focus, and your focus becomes your destiny. Your destiny is simply what are you created for. That deep burning passion within you; your dreams and your desires outside of the warped reality of societal pressure and selfish gain. This is what prayer is- what meditation is. It is simply choosing to set your mind on things above; things above your circumstance, above your patterns, above your self. It's choosing to believe that you are who you desire to become, and then faking it till you make it.

Yes. Fake it till you make it is actually a thing. Also known as faith. Your belief transitioning to habits and the time between your focus giving way to the actualization of your destiny (or at least the fruit of it, since the journey is actualization) takes time. That in between time often feels like death to the artist and the visionary. It's that space of "I know I am made for this", and "MY LIFE IS AT A STANDSTILL." Take heart, my friend, life will continue as long as you continue to say yes to it -- remember: the deeper the swing the higher you fly. say yes.

In the moments of "WHAT THE FUCK", and "I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND", I've found a few things are immensely helpful in reminding me that my circumstances do not dictate or alter my destiny.


-- one CHOOSE --

Each day - each moment, you are given the ability to choose. You are what you believe you are. This life will try and heap negativity on you. I will burn you and cut you and you will have scars. The choice lies in whether or not you believe that makes you a warrior or a victim.

-- two REMEMBER --

It pays to claim your authority. "I am the only one with the ability to give away the power of my future." Your future is yours. Set your eyes on the prize and fight for it. You are not alone. Feelings, while powerful, do not dictate truth (thanks PC). Voice your truth. Stand on it. Fight from it, and emerge victorious.

-- three REPEAT --

Wake up and set your intention for the day. Speak it over yourself. Fix your mind on it; put your positivity on repeat, from that place you can do anything!

go ahead, rebirth.
stay wild, xo


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