"Oh the places you will go" - Dr. Suess

Travel will change you. I know it changed me. I grew more out there than I ever could have in the safety of my home. I have seen vast, beautiful and terrible things and all of it has only forged in me a deeper understanding of this life. I trust that it will do the same things in you as you bend yourself to new experiences, foreign cultures and the wealth of knowledge that is offered to you out there on the open road.

The above map is marked with the places I have currently explored, but the below collection is not limited to my own travels. Whether an overnight trip or a month long excursion through a new land, I hope these guides will highlight little places of rest, wide open spaces, and a chance to write a new page in your journal of life.

Let these sometimes poetic, often practical (and always beautiful) personal journal type documentations of the places we love help you find your own. And if nothing else let them remind you that at any time you can go and the great wild world will embrace you and teach you.



Taren MarounComment