South Africa: Cape Floral Region

Take off your shoes, in true South African fashion, on the sandy trails of the Tokai Nature Reserve. We are Kings and Queens of the Cape Floral Kingdom.


At the mouth of the Peninsula and not too far off the beaten path, this biodiversity hotspot is Holy Ground for those looking to satiate their wild spirit. Endless fields of Fynbos stretch as far as the eye can see enveloping you in soft greens and purples. With free rein to bloom unhindered, these protected and cherished plants reach out into the walking paths to brush against you as if to say, “we are connected”. Close your eyes and inhale warm scents of gingerbread and cinnamon, which is why we call this The Christmas Forest. Tall pines stretching high into the sky provide shade for wanderers on horseback and dogs who, allowed to run unhindered, shed their 'house pet' cloak and indulge in the same free spirit as their owners.

While almost impossible to get lost within the park you may find that this wild haven gives you a sweet reminder, if just for a moment, that there is more to our existence than the great big, busy world in which we live.