(I love) Homemade Almond Milk

I love almonds. You can barbecue em, boil em, broil em, bake em, saute em. There's, um, almond kebabs, almond creole, almond gumbo, pan fried, deep fried, stir fried. There's pineapple almonds and lemon almonds, coconut almonds, pepper almonds, almond soup, almond stew, almond salad, almond and potatoes, almond burger, almond sandwich... That's, that's about it...

Sometimes I read what I write and wonder, because of its level of ridiculousness, if I really want to post it, but then I remind myself that life is way to short to take myself that seriously and you end up with crap like above. Enjoy. And while you're at it whip yourself up a batch of fresh almond milk (WILDFOLK PROTIP: don't chuck your almond leavins! bake those suckers dry, and lightly toast em for a great breakfast topper, or chuck 'em in your next batch of energy bars!) - I gotta thank the beauties over at Community Eats for posting this recipe so long ago and inspiring me to give it a shot. I make it all the time now, and on top of that once a week for my boss! Everyone loves almond miiiiiilk!

Ingredients: (serves 1 for about a week depending on how much you drink/use, double up for mo people!)
1 cup Whole Raw Organic Almonds (protip*: almonds easily absorb pesticides because of their high oil content)
3 cups of filtered H2O

Tools: Blender Nut-Milk Bag <---- really awesome story A bowl & an aesthetically pleasing container to store it in, which is crucial in my humble opinion.

Soak your almonds in 3 cups of water overnight or for at least 6 hours.

Rinse your almonds well and toss them in the blender with 3 cups of fresh water.
Blend those suckers until they are a fine as can be (about 1 minuet, maybe more if your blenders from the dark ages like mine).
Pour your blend through your Nut-Milk Bag, into the bowl, and squeeze all the liquid out of the almond grinds.

Save your grinds, bake em, toast em, put em over breakfast, mix em in homemade granola etc etc etc!
Store your almond milk in the chilly-bin (what up #nzshoutouttttt) for up to a week,

share & enjoy!

*Know what goes in your baaaahdaaay!