Road Tripping South

As I was going through the catalog of images from this past week in Hawaii it just seemed right to write a post about our last day, first. This little adventure took a whole lot of cajoling via my traveling-PIC (partner in crime), as it was not only our last day on the island but also the day after we shot a huge island wedding. Quite honestly, following a 12 hr work day, all I wanted to do was do a whole lot of nothing, but in the end I was convinced. Besides, we had pretty much spent the entire week in and or in close proximity to Kona catching up with old friends, revisiting favorite spots and exploring some new ones; I guess it couldn't hurt to meander south a bit.

Because good company is crucial to road-trip success we stuffed one of our favorite humans (see goodlookin' asian dude) in our trusty little rental and off we went. Honestly, I'd forgotten how long the drive was; thank god for friends who like good music and don't mind stopping every mile to take photos.


South Point has always been one of my favorite spots on the island, largely due to the fact that on the way to the cliffs there are endless acres of rolling green pasture land spotted with cows and horses.
And y'all. I love horses.

After a million photos and a million more velveteen kisses (horse muzzles, people-- you gotta kiss em), we finally made our way out to the jump point.

Which brings me to the other reason I really love this spot. Call me an adrenaline junkie, but if I can jump off it or out of it the odds are I will. The older I get the more I seem to freak out leading up to a jump, but..Let's be real, there is nothing like 50 feet down into the wide open ocean to get your heart going.

And apparently things have gotten even cooler (see what I did there?) since the last time I was here! As we were wandering back to the car Alyssa pointed out a never before seen Ice Cream truck, and, well... obviously. 

I honestly don't think there was a better way to end our shenanigans. We had bagged a half day of adventure and with windows down, bellies full of ice cream and faces warm from sunshine, we headed back toward Kona. One solid nap later and we'd officially concluded our little road-trip south.