A Quick-Guide to Un-Killable Houseplants

There are few things from my childhood that I remember as clearly as I do the amount of plants my mom kept in our house. She loved plants. I remember ivy strung across the ceiling beam above our kitchen and large potted plants adorning otherwise empty corners.

I laugh a lot these days while pursuing Pinterest because, no joke, my mom thought of all that shit before it was cool. No seriously. She did. Someday maybe ill show you pictures of our living room way back when and then you'll see. I digress. Looking around my apartment I'd say my mom's appreciation of potted greenery is definitely something passed down-- if not her green thumb. 

Aside from being visually impressive, it's apparently also real healthy to keep an array of little life-houses near. Did I mention I did not inherit her ability to keep them alive?

Right. Well regardless of my inability, I do love them, so if you're anything like me:

Here it is folks, a quick-guide to my favorite un-killables in no particular order




Contrary to what you might be thinking these little babies are not on this list for cool factor, although they are admittedly pretty dang cute. Succulents have found a home on this because because, even though I’m a champion at killing them-- Don’t ask me how. It’s a gift.-- they are are pretty dang hardy. Really, I've actually learned that the less you pamper these babies the better. These are my kinda plants.


I'll be honest, I think the name is stupid. But what I do not think is stupid is how many beautiful colors and varieties this plant comes in!


Ivy makes everything better. You can string it, hang it, corner it or make it the center of some beautiful table arrangement and it won't care. Requiring little maintenance and providing lots of beauty I'd say Ivy is one of my favs for sure.

PLEASE NOTE: this plant is toxic to cats and dogs. I don't know that I've ever heard of it being a problem, but it's worth a note.

3. ALOE  

Another succulent 'esque type is the lovely Aloe. I saw a photo of a spiral aloe plant the other day and now.. well now I know what I'm buying my next trip to the nursery!


Last but certainly not least is my friend the fiddle-leaf. While this guy is super easy to keep, it's worth a mention that he will also grow up to be a big, beautiful boy. This guy is perfect for filling corners, or cozy him up next to your new couch and let them make friends!

PRO TIP: check out your local nursery and don't be afraid to ask questions! I'm sure they would love to help you find the perfect plant for you!

as always, stay wild xx