written by: taren maroun

I can remember a million moments where I felt free; where the sun kissed my face and the wind played with my hair, and the weight of the world flew from my flesh like dust.

I can remember a thousand summers like they were yesterday; where laughter sprang from my lips and light seemed eternal behind my bright eyes.

I can remember the way you looked in those days; you, an entity of the sun, forever suspended in a moment of love, so big, so deep I could burst. 

I can remember what It felt like when you left.
When the world seemed a little less bright, the road before me a little less clear.

I can remember the first time the great unknown called to me; a soft whisper on a silent, moonlit night, weaving stories out of light beams, the promise of weightlessness twinkling, scattered across an endless black sky.

I can remember what it felt like to fly; to leave behind everything I knew, to embrace what was before me in all of it's terrifying anonymity, to release all that was safe and known.

I can remember what it felt like to be alone.
The feeling both welcomed and rejected.

I can remember, and I do.
Like blades bore deep into my flesh leaving silver scars of experience, weaving fluid patterns, both beautiful and painful, across my youth-- I remember.

and I am made stronger.
on the open road, I am made stronger.

MODEL: @ladyluofthewolves / DRESS: @3rdseason / BIKE: @naykednick