Fall Music Feature: John Lucas

written by: alyssa luzaich

“I think that theres a growing consciousness that our priorities as a nation are wrong. That our priorities within our culture, and within the church, are misaligned, and my heart aches to be a part of something different. A shift in culture. A rebirth of purpose and dreams. A redemption of identity.” (excerpt from John Lucas’ Kickstarter video)

I came across John Lucas, late in the year, while I was living in Barcelona, missing my American fall for the 5th year in a row. At the time I had just started experimenting with watercolors and would stay up late sitting on the rug, with my Christmas lights filling the room. I would paint, as his EP “Clearing Stones” filled my heart with creativity. It was a time where I could feel my whole self needing a refresh, or "rebirth" as he puts it, and was instantly captured by its beauty. The albums raw, acoustic, simplicity draws you to a place of evergreens, seeping tea, and log cabins. 

John, his ep, and new album, have become some of my favorites for fall, right up there with Ben Howard’s “Every Kingdom” and Josh Garrels’ “Love & War & The Sea Inbetween”. He even has a song called “Quilts, Coats, and Colors”...I mean, could we get more autumn here?! Not only does it bring the feel of fall, but John’s lyrics are strung together so as to create musical anomalies that will tug your heart and fill your soul with hope. Within his music lies beauty that will free you from your creative rut.

John’s “Clearing Stones” EP is no longer available as it was replaced with his brilliant new full-length album, which you can stream free and purchase on Bandcamp. “Promised Land” will fit in anywhere you are are going this fall, whether it’s listening to “Heart Gone Wild” while exploring the PNW with friends, “Love Endures All Things” while enjoying the warmth of a fireplace with someone your love, or “Promised Land” while sitting at a coffee shop getting those artistic juices flowing.


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