Keeping It Simple: A Style Guide

Okay. So I've been called a lot of things: Hippie, Hipster, Nomad, Free Spirit.. but at the end of the day, when it comes to the clothes I choose to wear, I would say my preference is earthy.

I grew up playing in the forest, riding horses, hanging out with band-boys and sleeping under the stars with friends. So, naturally my inclination toward clothing that can span all of the things I do has carried into today. I want clothing that is going to work for wanders through the woods, epic train rides, a long day on set, an afternoon hunkered down in a cafe or a day working from home.

With that I've realized there are some basics I frequent. I value things like comfort, connection, sustainability and longevity and I like to think my wardrobe reflects that; muted and warm tones, leather goods, minimal pattern and design, denimfree flowing/loose fitting pieces/tee's, stones, gems and what I would consider a modest style. Don't get me wrong, I can dig an 80's neon just so much as the next person, but on a grand scale the majority of my clothing is nonchalant. 

Heres a spattering of style inspiration for the above mentioned basics: