Keep moving forward when perspective is bleak:

Written by: Taren Maroun / Photography: FP Alex

This is just a simple reminder, hugely to myself as well, to keep moving forward.

Emotions and obstacles are a part of life, as well as seasons of "wait". We are human, we have desires, we have dreams and we have goals all of which require our attention and our patience. I am not particularly good with the later. I have such a clear idea of what I want right now in this moment that it's difficult for me to trust the timing and flow of my journey.

This week has been particularly trying. There is a lot happening in my personal life with a seemingly endless cycle of upheaval alongside waiting on a few projects to either be picked up or confirmed and seeing some come to a close. It really is all I can do to put one foot in front of the other, to keep pushing forward.

Reality is emotions can be crippling, and there is no sense in wanting to downplay that or ignore it, but it's also not healthy to focus solely on the rollarcoaster ride. So how do we find the balance?

I am finding it by tightening my focus to what I am capable today and only today. There is no point in my focusing on the things I can not hurry along, or change at this point; there is only this moment. What can I do today that brings me life? Who can I spend time with? How can I move towards my goals and dreams?

It's imperative to release the pressure.
So shake it out, loosen up and allow yourself to play and trust that everything is moving in accordance to it's purpose.