Living an uncomplicated life of Love

Written By: Taren Maroun

It's Easter and today I return to the roots of our breath and life in the here and now. Underneath all of the emotions, desires, "must"s, "should"s and "have to"s there is a strong current of simplicity that our entire existence is built upon. Love.

It's Fundamentally uncomplicated, really, if we just remember to see each other.

If we just remember to slow. Slow our mind, our breath, our entire self and see the person who is before us for all of their beauty, all of their flaws, all of their intricacies, originality and in their uniquely-crafted self. 

Jesus. Jesus slowed. He slowed and he loved, and from that place he sacrificed it all that we would be made whole. and it was that simple.

I don't mean to nullify the intensity or realness of the emotion and difficulty that is our humanity, but I do mean to dim the lights on it and amplify the truth that little else matters aside from our choice to love the people around us.

Today I desire to strip away my desire to "know" and the judgement that follows. Today I desire to simply see.