Iliad Bookshop


I am a vehement...whatever the opposite of hoarder is. I...try not to use the word hate, but, I think I really do hate "stuff". You know those area's in stores that are filled with all of those 1-5$ gizmo's and gadgets? Stocked full of those little plastic things that you know are going to break in a week but you feel justified in buying it because it's a dollar? Yea. My thoughts? hulk-smash it all. Because why. Why do you need a handful of more crrrrraaaaaaaaaap for your already cluttered work space? 


A clue: YOU DON'T.
Or I don't. Whatever. You do you boo. Just not near me, please.

That being said. Forget everything I just said because I do have an exception to the rule.
Books. I like them, and I like a lot of them. If I could fashion my house to have bookshelves for walls, I would (maybe I will.. ) - Granted books aren't really "stuff" so.. I guess the point is, if you're going to spend 1-5$ on something, why not make it something wholesome. Helpful. Therapeutic. Awesome. Books.

As October is officially National Book Month, it's my absolutely pleasure to introduce you to the best of the best: 


The cutest little book stop in all of Los Angeles; filled to overflow with every genre, title and story-line you could ever dream of. After several 'a swing and a miss' while trying to find a place to fill my serious lack of fantastical inspiration, I stumbled upon this little gem and I never looked back. 

Iliad, with it's bright rust colored walls and giant-sized books lining the outside of the building, was a breeze to find. Boxes of used books, marked FREE littered the steps, and I was pleased to find that the outside of the shop was only the beginning of the fun.

Right inside the door a hanging sign declared CLEARANCE, where hundreds of books lay waiting for me to run my hands over them. But I couldn't stop there. There was an entire kingdom of secrets (and books) to be explored -- even a Rare Book Room?!

The walls, decorated with art and newspaper clippings, painted in a Moroccan fashion, made the place feel alive. Every nook and cranny hid trinkets and statues. Little bursts of color - teal, purple, orange - and arched doorways, led me deeper into the shop where I found what I had been unknowingly been searching for. The Nook. 

Towering all around was a never ending supply of adventure. Each begged to be plucked off their well labeled shelves, and dug into, amidst the eclectic mix of plush chairs and couches, all situated in a circle around an old school coffee table. There were treasures here. Little nuggets of history and memory to be discovered in the pages of literature (see: "edith, love papa, Jan. 4th 1911).

It felt like home.

I honestly didn't think it could get any better. But after flipping open the cover of the book I'd picked up and reading 4 dollars for what the "regular" bookstore had priced at 13.50, I discovered the kitties.

Zeus and Apollo, the two lords of the manor, can often be found lounging about the shelves or chasing each other across the great CLEARANCE expanse. Vocal, happy and ridiculously friendly these two seal the deal, making this place 100 and 10% awesome.  You seriously gotta' go! But 'till then check out today's wander though Iliad Bookshop.