Malta : Għajn Tuffieħa Bay

written by: kaila medina / images by: jean pierrot & sarah booj

we were on the brink of a heavy rainstorm, the waters churning, wind howling, but there was a quiet and eerie peace about the bay. we slept on the beach that night, listening to the wind trying to rip our tents apart, the waters crashing only feet from where we lay.

You have seen this landscape before. Malta has been used in countless films and TV shows, most famously in Game of Thrones, first season. Most commonly you will see the azure window, a beautiful arch crossing over part of the breathtaking waters of the Mediterranean Sea, but that isn’t all that Malta has to offer.

Although an island, Malta has few sandy beaches. One local favorite, Għajn Tuffieħa Bay, is also my own personal favorite. The flaming sunset, mixed with red sands and fierce spring sea waves, make this beach, his beach near Golden Bay, as picturesque as it gets. This beach is so beautiful it makes you question everything you've deemed beautiful before. Hidden down a terrifying flight if endless stairs, this beach is visited all year round.

It may have been the weariness that lingered in my bones from kayaking all day, or maybe it was the nostalgia that nature brings me, all I know is this place left a stamp in my soul. It’s beauty, its raw nature; all tucked away in a small and bustling tourist island that is Malta.