manspiration monday w/ justin seo


Justin has long been one of my favorite dudes. He laughs and loves freely and in a world of fast paced introspection it's refreshing to meet someone who builds his life around looking up, seeing the people around him and investing in those people. Over the last year or so his personal journey has continued to expand, as has his appreciation for beauty.

Dead on in his adoration of the people who make the moments, I'm more than honored to roll out manspiration monday from this man's love-washed perspective. Catch a few words from him below and then lose yourself in some imagery that inspires him, and hopefully you as well.

People are beautiful. More than any beautiful place I've seen, I can honestly say the people are always the highlight and inspiration. Sure, these places are amazing and awe-inspiring; but the people who get to live here and grow here, those are the real gems. All I want to do is hear their stories and know them.
More than wanting to travel, I hope that you want to meet different people who inspire you to learn and love more. To me, the world would be wasted if I couldn't share it with the ones I love. So go out and love someone.


Journey on with Justin Seo:
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