A Touch of Moroccan Majesty

I am a lover of space. And I am a lover of aesthetic. My home is a carefully crafted experience that I hope promotes a heightened sense of self, of peace and of safety. I like plants and incense, my windows are always open and if possible my doors too. I like bright, clean spaces and light-- lots of light.

I've always thought I leaned more toward the "bohemian" style of living with a minimalistic/modern flare, but when I saw these images taken by the talented Patrick Cline for Lonny Mag, something in me fell hard for the Moroccan style, and I had to share.


This is all of what I want surrounding me. Color and simplicity. There is something ancient about this style of design. It's like history is knit into the tapestry and scrubbed into the walls. It sound weird I'm sure, but everything feels like it belongs there. Like every piece is intentional and unique.


These spaces just feel right, with it's rustic tones and simple adornments. My favorite part about these images, and this style, is that with a few curated pieces, like the ones below, this Moroccan look is totally achievable.


ETSY: Nomad Pillows  / ANTHRO: Suntrail Rug / ETSY: Tile Coasters


I also can't wait to get out and travel again. These types of posts make blogging from home hardly bearable.

On that note: shout out to my nomads, you out there experiencing life in the wilds! I know creating space is hard on the road, but it is possible! Pack this Moroccan style along with you. Find yourself a blanket at the local market, or have someone send one from home. Roll that sucker up and strap it atop your backpack! It's the little things, the simple pleasures that help balance your soul out there. And for extra credit you can definitely give that blanket to someone you meet along the way! Stuff is just stuff, but it can mean something, so give it away and experience how precious what you have can be for someone else.

travel well, darlings!