5 Things I Need to Not Die in NYC


New York, I'll admit I was 100 + 10% unprepared when I oh so responsibly checked in with my handy weather app and found your chilly factor to be somewhat staggering (at least compared to the constant of Los Angeles). I had to laugh though. I've spent the last 5 months in a continuous state of sweaty, questioning why I thought LA would be a great choice for my love of overcast-sweater-weather, and now I'm actually on the brink of entering the chill and I'm a bit like, shit, because I'm not sure I have the clothing for this.

I'm a minimalist to the core -- and when I say core, I mean core. Everything I own aside from my bed and my 60$ ikea book-nook-square-thing fit in my little Nissan Altima. Blame it on (or better yet thank) the traveling, or the fact that I'm a Virgo, or.. whatever, the point is. I own very little clothing. But I'm determined. I will survive. My NYC blast off is close and I'm now basically prepared. and I say basically because there are a few things I would still love to have but, you know, #artist #thestruggleisreal -- #greatitudeforwhatIhave.. okay I'm #done.

In light of the glorious cold (again, relative to LA) and my current non-existent clothing budget I figured settling on a happy "5 things I need to not die in NYC" was a happy medium -- especially considering I already owned three of them. High five for being resourceful, right? So here is my list because we all knew I'd make one.

5 things I need to not die in NYC

  1. solid boots

  2. good socks

  3. tights/leggings

  4. a legit jacket

  5. a heavenly scarf

Alright, a little breakdown, now. SOLID BOOTS are an absolute must if you are anything like me, and get cold ridiculously easy. I landed my pair of Cole Haan's (which If I'm honest I had to google, because Im pretty clueless when it comes to fashion names) for $40 at the ever bountiful Crossroads Trading Co. -- but boots are nothing without a pair of GOOD SOCKS. My two favorite pairs are both from American Eagle. They're relatively cheap ($13) and last forever! I bought my first pair over four years ago and I still wear them! TIGHTS/LEGGINGS are crucial in the cold because they are easy to layer, flexible (because we all want to curl up with a hot drink and a good book in the cold, right?) and keep all that glorious heat in! You can pretty much find them everywhere but I tend to lean toward leggings with less cotton content and more nylon/spandex. Cotton just stretches out and get's weird, especially in the cold (and especially if you have booty!). And then comes my favorite part of the ensemble, the LEGIT JACKET. I scored hard on that S LINE brand, paying a whopping $12 bucks at Crossroads (which if you haven't figured out is my favorite recycled fashion go-to thrift). Last but not least comes a HEAVENLY SCARF, which... It's kind of a safe bet, running tradition, that every Christmas I will receive at least two scarves from those wonderfully, good-hearted but I-dont-see-you-all-that-often-so-I-don't-know-what-to-get-you family members -- and I'M NOT MAD. Because look at me now! Rockin' the scarves.

That pretty much wraps up my "must haves" but.. if I'm allowed just one more addition I'd say get yourself a good sweater or two if you're headed into the cold. Brandy Melville is one of my ultimate favorites for sweaters because they are super soft and oversized. Hallelu!

Stay Warm Y'all -- and NYC here I come!