Old Soul Co

One of my main goals while traveling is to locate the best places of "rest" for us nomadic-folk. These spaces aren't necessarily actual places to sleep, but places of enjoyment; nooks and niches of cultivated beauty, where our souls can relax without expectation, free of tension.

Those of us who spend time exploring the far-and-distant places of our earth often end up giving a lot of ourselves to the people we meet, the places we end up and the growth that comes from both of those. It's a beautiful thing- all that self-realization and soul-mingling- and can also be exhausting, which is why I think little spaces of welcome and warmth are important along the way. Which is why whenever I find a place that appeals to my inner nomad I feel the need to share it. Hence this post.

Welcome to Old Soul Co. in Sacramento, Ca

Nestled in the back alley that connects 17th and 18th Streets, between L Street and Capitol Ave is this magical little, lofty-styled shop. A couple years back I had a meeting at Old Soul and remember being both awed and annoyed that there was a coffee shop like this in Sacramento, and that I had only found out about it right before moving.


The exposed brick walls, wall-hanging-bike-rack, wood tables, and high, open ceilings made me feel like I might not have been in Sacramento at all. The aesthetic was so fresh and pleasing, unlike anything I'd previously found in this city.

To the left, the roaster, tucked away with notes and timers and burlap bags-- an espresso alchemist in his own right -- invited me back, happy to share his knowledge, their process and a bit about the origins of their beans. At the counter the crew was kind and hospitable, and with a glass case of fresh baked goods (made in house!), a few shelves of trinkets and goodies, and plenty of space to spread out and sink into creativity, I knew I'd like to stay a while.

Even now, as I sit at home writing this, I'd love to be settled down in that soft hum of people, enjoying a almond-milk capp (be sure to try their cold brew, too!), writing the next few pages in my book-- but until next time, and until you get a chance to go for yourself, here is a little exploration of Sacramento's Old Soul Co.