Into the Wild;

transient_forms_ii_by_oer_wout-d769rla I had been chasing those wisps all night, those glowing, beautiful, yet strangely unattainable wisps. The funny thing about wisps, I think, is that if one of us were to actually capture one they would be altogether less than we had hoped – and so they must, by nature, be intangible lest they inspire to only shallow depths. The forest in which I ran was, at the start, so lovely. Intimidating, if I’m honest, and potentially lonely, but I ran regardless. The meadow in which I had been exploring was no longer where my heart burned alive, and so – as the nomad – I moved forward, onward into those daunting and beautiful depths, seeing long and far before me the shimmer of light for which I ached. It was there, just beyond the guardian wall of that expansive forest that my wisp appeared. It did not speak, but merely hovered just out of reach. It’s wild, orb-like shape twisting and turning in the moonlight. A sort of forlorn, but melodic song arose as it dipped and bobbed before me. I took a step, curious, wondering if perhaps this was my destiny. My palm turned upward, hand outstretched, my long, narrow fingers seeking to feel. I longed only to hold the wisp within my upturned hand – I longed only to touch and experience the potential beauty of this foreign, vaporous, being. But it was not mine, for in that moment it moved away from me. I followed, thinking perhaps this was a dream. Perhaps this was a guiding light, a friend, a guardian – and perhaps that is all true. Deeper and deeper I was led into the beautiful depths of that forest, the beautiful, thick depths, growing thicker and thicker by the moments but I failed to notice as I followed blindly my curiosity. As the forest grew thicker my wisp faded further and further from sight, it’s song still haunting every part of me. Frustrated and alone, tangled deep in the dark depths of such a beautiful place, I fell to my knees, clasping my hands over my ears, my hair obscuring my vision, my eyes squeezed shut, my toes cold and bare beneath me. I steadied myself, calm. Quiet. Peaceful. I breathed deep in that moment, allowing everything within to pour out, to be real and valid, relevant and okay. Then took in my existence, my truth and found myself centered. My eyes opened, my hands fell from my ears, my heart expanded with the sight of the light and open forest before me. Around me hovered an uncountable many of those beautiful, humming wisps, their songs weaving a tapestry that gathered behind me and urged me forward. I stepped. I stopped. I breathed deep this suspended moment of existence before I found myself running with inhuman strength and speed toward that shimmering light for which I ache.