How to Recognize Magic: 5 steps

WRITING & IMAGE: Taren Maroun

"The struggle is real." We've all said it, either as a joke or in passing, but beneath our sarcastic and carefree exterior we feel it deeper than we let on. The struggle is real, Ya'll, and admitting that is not, like, a cardinal sin. It's a reminder that we are human and that life is not a consistent spout of rainbows and butterflies.

Before you take your new found permission and run with it I'd also like to add that while recognizing hardship is not a bad thing, dwelling in the challenges of life is not particularly healthy (see: Where focus goes, Energy flows) either. I like to settle with the happy medium: we accept the challenges we face as humans and we balance those with cultivating a lifestyle of living in the moments of magic.

Here are 5 steps to help you cultivate habits that create a space for you to recognize magic:

  • ONE / Consider everything sacred & created with purpose.

There is something profound that happens within us when we give someone/something high value. What was once simply a passing moment, a stranger or just another visit to our local coffee shop is now altogether something more. This simple thought shift creates a space of focus, eliminates distraction and creates a higher awareness and appreciation for life.

  • TWO / Embrace indeterminacy.

The older I get the more I appreciate the freedom that comes with structure and planning (who am I kidding, the older I get the the more I like control), but there is no trading the sense of wonder that accompanies an adventure where there is no map, no plan, no time limits. Get out into your city, wander, meet new people, trust your senses, trust the sun as it arcs across the sky. Or go somewhere completely new and do the same thing! Set aside a day on your next adventure where you simply explore. Magic rides the currents of the unknown.

  • THREE / Be a watcher. Observe everything.

There are so many amazing moments to be had when we simply watch. Our lives are so full of chatter, the constant hum of life and work. The need to be bigger, louder, better, faster-- but I say stop. Watch. Let life show you it's mysteries, and then...

  • FOUR / Be a keeper of secrets.

Field. Notes. With your experience will come awareness, experience you won't soon want to forget. Write it down. Sketch it out. Use color. Be someone who keeps the mysteries close and then pour out the magic when the time is right.

  • FIVE / Listen.

Our world has a language that can only be heard when we are silent and there are few things more powerful than listening. Everyone has a story and given the opportunity they will share it, in whatever way they know how. Make room for people to unravel. It's magic.

Magic really isn't as rare as people think, and it's rather simplistic for all it's intricate workings. From the silent suspension of dust particles in a ray of morning light, to the intimate stranger on the subway, I would venture a bet that you've actually already encountered it several times over this week. My favorite part about magic is that there seems to be an endless supply at the ready for us, all we have to do is learn the steps to recognizing it and then practice, practice, practice.