Reflection and Honesty in Pursuit of Your Dreams


These days thoughts and inspiration seem to come without rhyme or reason. It's unpredictable. 

December will be here tomorrow and in doing my best not to feel suffocated in that reality. I've spent my morning reflecting in gratitude for the past year and the beautiful things that I've experienced. I think reflection is an important part of growth and while I will write more in depth about that later, for now I wanted to focus on something more specific.

In one month and 15 days I will have lived in Los Angeles for exactly a year. That, for all my nomadic tendencies, is quite the feat. I have not, since high school, lived anywhere for over 7 months. Part of me is secure in this idea of nesting and a very different part of me thinks I should be panicking, but in those moments I do my best to calm and remind myself of why it is I moved here in the first place.

The pursuit of dreams can often times become unclear; sustaining vision is a key to keeping that path lit. In an attempt to bring myself back to my original intentions I find myself at this question:

"If you knew that whatever you did would
support your life, what is it you would do?"


I find that question so refreshing. A moment where we can step out of the "grind", out of this cycle of survival. Where the truth of our passions and the pursuit of them becomes absolutely and unwaveringly obvious. Where abundance is our reality and barriers are toppled in the face of honest intention.

I do want to be clear about something: passions and desires and dreams will shift and change over your lifetime. You are free to be curious and to experiment in them. The answer to this question today might be completely different than your answer would have been a year ago and will be a year from now. That is okay. There is grace for self discovery and growth should you choose to extend it to yourself. Ask the question, find your answer and allow yourself to exist in that space. Then move into action.

Today all you have to do is take one step in the direction of whatever your answer to the question was. In that place perspective comes rushing in and there is victory in the small steps. Dreams of monolithic proportion become attainable once more.

So tell me, What is it you would do? I want to hear your dreams.