5 Dope Reusable Mugs For Your Everyday Adventures


I just wrote the most bangin’ intro to this post, and then promptly— ACCIDENTALLY — deleted it. Sucks to suck, man. But, it was something along the lines of “hey, plastic is bad. especially single use. so, stop it.” And, yes. I made sure to mention how I was talking to myself, first, because “we are all learning and growing and I’m not trying to offend anyone, but we need change.” Etc. Etc. Etc. Anyways.

Single-use plastic.

That means to-go cups. Those lids? Yea, Plastic. That means iced latte’s, and hot mochas on the run. They’re all contributing to the problem (which reads something like: a full 32% of the 78 million tons of plastic packaging produced annually is left to flow into our oceans.) But good news, there are some really great options for reusable mugs that will put you one step in the sustainable-future direction. And they’re cute. And they won’t burn your hands. And some of them even fit in your car cup-holder!

I know what you’re thinking, “but I always forget my mugs, bags, ___, ___, ___” Yea, I get it. I did too. My success rate with remembering to bring my reusable mug at first was trash! but the more I did it, the better I felt about myself and my contribution to our sustainable future. And the more I cultivated that habit, the more important it became and the better I felt about myself. now it’s part of my ritual.

So, jump on the band-wagon. Look rad. Save the planet. Feel good. Get a mug. You can thank me later.



If you want to kick waste in the butt, these dudes make it easy. Check out this starter kit from my friends at Klean Kanteen (who give 1% for the planet because they’re RAD!) Not only does it include a reusable straw, but this tumbler keeps your hot stuff hot for up to 4 hours, and your cold stuff cold for something near 20 hours!



This double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel coffee mug is my favorite for espresso on outdoor to-go trips. It’s just big enough to hold a latte and just small enough to fit in your backpack-side-pocket. The lid it spill and leak-proof and everything pulls apart for easy cleaning. It also fits in your car cup-holder and wont burn your hands!


This mug is my every day mug. We have a couple of these in our house and they’re the best. Not only do they fit in the car cup-holder, but they fit in my bike’s water bottle holder, and the lids are super reliable. They pull apart for easy cleaning, and have a solid seal. You can trust that this bad boy wont splash out in the car, while walking or even if you trip. which I do, pretty frequently.



So you like cute latte art and you don’t want to give that up. Good news, you don’t have to. These rad reusable mugs were designed by two former baristas for the ease of pouring. And they boast a wide array of attractive attributes, like: they’re BPA free; non toxic; recyclable; microwave safe; lightweight and made hard-wearing materials.



If you’re looking for a cool, causal desk mug for work the YETI is pretty great. Its sleek, sexy and has double-wall vacuum insulation so your stuff stays hot/cold and you wont burn your hands.



pro tip:

Ask your local coffee shop if they provide a discount for people who bring their own mugs. Saving money is rad. If they don’t, consider suggesting it! Encouraging people to help save the planet (and keep THEIR cost down) is rad, too!