Cheap Crayola Lies.


so here's to new experiences/new adventures/stepping up to fear and realizing it's a cloth with bricks painted in cheap Crayola paint (I can't tell you why it looks so real until you touch it..)/but here's to winning, to overcoming, to making short work of long nights spent agonizing over whither we can really do it/because we're created 'AWE'some/In the light of a being that can't be measured, or captured, or made, because it's intrinsically eternal/so here's to dreaming/and succeeding/to taking giant steps toward little bits of shimmering hope/and believing

( took a trip to the bay. I absolutely love it there. I love the life, the vibrancy and the fact that I feel dwarfed in the midst of 812,826 other souls and in that very same moment my dreams seem nothing but attainable )