for life, in love with distant & uncharted places.

If I discover within myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world”. C.S. Lewis

I have found myself lately thinking on the nomadic heart. It's such an elusive idea. One whos conclusion dances just out of reach, flitting this way and that. Inside me lives both contentment and longing. A shanty village of two-story-rickety-stilt-house-paradoxes. I ask myself, "will I ever be content with where I'm at?" and then I lie around, musing until I feel as if I might explode. On one hand I am filled to the brim with thankfulness, contentment and appreciation for the vibrancy of this place - and on the other? An overwhelming desire to dance on, forward, and into the distant foggy peaks.

I found this photo today and my heart beat quick in agreement. I read it incorrectly, at first, and rest came over me. Validation for my wandering desires and longing settled on my soul - "A nomad will remain for life, in love with distant & uncharted places".

It's true, though, isn't it? My heart longs for wholeness. For beauty unmatched. I so long to find the place my heart comes alive - and yet... something in me says, "it's not here". It's in moments that I find myself hopeless and my world colorless, when whispers say, "it doesn't exist" that I turn from the lies and remind myself that I will forever, on this side of heaven, long for and be in love with distant and uncharted places - because I was created for them.

I am a nomad in this place. In this broken and fractured world, I am a wanderer. But hope rides this horizon, for in the days to come He will split the sky and with wholeness restored my wandering heart will find rest and contentment in the world that I was created for.. those uncharted waters and distant shores.