a life worth living;

a life worth living;

I want to look back on my years, as I have all this time, and be proud of my life. I want to look back and see a journey marked with faith. I want to see highlighted those moments of choice that led me down a brighter path. I want to see the lives of those around me illuminated with love.

I want to look back and smell the soil of distant lands. I want to stand up tall knowing that I tried. I want to have my heart melt with the relationships I've held close. I want to see myself soft with compassion. Hard with determination. Brave with risk. Wild with color. and reckless with love.

I want to look back and see an adventure that led me to progression. I want to see calm waters, as my soul.

I want to breathe deep, on that beautiful rocking chair of reflection, and see a glass spilling over with the attributes of a wild and majestic spirit, a life driven by love itself, no regrets, only abundance.

Taren MarounComment