a season of wait.

stillthis seems to me to be a season of wait. wait and be still. I feel the Lord speaking to my desire to be 'busy' and 'do' and hear his quiet whisper to just be - all things will come. all his plans will flower into beauty with my eyes on him, I cannot make them happen even if I wanted to.

I started this question/exploration series ten days ago where I've been asking myself one simple question a day. "what would my life look like if.." I'm going to start exploring these questions a bit more in-depth on my blog, here, but for today I used one from a few days back because I think it really speaks to where I am at right now.

What if I was still? What if I stopped hogging the communication reins and allowed the Lord to speak into my day? into my conversations and my mind? into my actions? what if I was still and allowed him the ability to whisper? What would my life look like.

It goes beyond that really, doesn't it. Beyond asking the questions and into applications. How am I going to be still today? What can I do today to prioritize being still before the Lord? Listening for his gentle voice and exploring the secrets he reveals?

It's when I look at life from the perspective of resting at his feet that being still and 'waiting' feels right, feels ok. so I will wait. at his feet. listening to his voice, allowing the wild spirit of the Lord to move in me and out of me, and he will stay, as he promised.