Airport: 2 Taren: 0

well.. it's currently 8:35 am and I'm officially in San Jose airport. While I'm sure I'll have more positive things to say during my 2 hour layover in LAX right now I'm irritated/frustrated. This is the second time now I've lost a knife to the portpolice. Sounds silly, sure, but let me put it to you this way. A horse woman and her knife are the equivalent to a man and his ballcap. You just don't mess with that. My knife was packed away safe and sound in my "creative" box alongside my scissors, puffy paint and sharpies..but when I went to weigh my bag it was 6 pounds over, so I took the box out to cut the weight...putting my beautiful knife in my backpack (only I had no idea..). The lady stopped me and was like, "Looks like you have a blade in there".. I was like, "wait what? oh.. it must be my scissors".. so she rifled through my box and pulled out the knife. I was crushed. I had no idea, and there went another knife. I lost my first knife, a very dear knife to me (named the fury) to security in New Zealand..and now this. The best part (heavy on the sarcasm) is that the two ladies who were checking out my bag were already fighting about who got to keep it before they'd even finished going through my belongings. I leveled my gaze at the lady and was like, "yea. enjoy". grrrrawwwwwrrrrrrrrr.