and then we grew up and realized they might have known a little something about what they were talking about in highschool.

Forewarning, this is a very practical post - it's not often I do super practical stuff, but I need this reminder, so work with me.

I've been thinking a lot lately about dreams (when am I not thinking about dreams?), goals and what 2013 is going (and what I want it) to look like for me. I was poking around the internet tonight trying to find a good egg recipe (yes. egg recipe.) and somehow through a chain of blog clicks ended up reading someones post about goals and when you should abandon them. It got me thinking.

I'm the person who refuses to give up. Come hell and high water and I'm clinging on for dear life mostly because I've grown up having something to prove, if not to anyone else, myself - but it occurred to me that you can't make a decision to give up if you never make a goal to achieve, and I'm sitting here wondering if somehow I've made myself feel better by NOT making goals, so that I don't have to fight to see them through.

I know, confusing. Bear with me.
Take for instance my dream to write a book before I'm 25. The reality is.. the books not going to write itself, and me sitting around on facebook is also not helping anything but there is no challenge in it for me either because I don't have any goals besides the end goal - and everything in the middle gets a bit foggy. Was I sleeping this day in highschool? goals.

Another thing I've realized about myself is I'm constantly in need of a challenge. I need a further peak, a higher mount, a longer stretch. I'm continuously challenging myself in ridiculous ways, whither through my eating habits, my lifestyle habits or my adventures, It's necessary for me, and so.. why not set up goals for myself? mini challenges to keep the days interesting..

Goals are good!
I must be growing up.
Goals: Write at least 500 words a day.
If I wrote 500 words a day, every day for the rest of the year I would have over 160,000 words written (which could potentially be the entirety of the book) - that's a DOABLE goal, and regardless of whither the goal get's met the POINT get's met, which is ACTION towards my dreams.

Action towards my dreams. Huh.. Action. God is a God of action.
How do I set myself up for Action unto the Living God? Goals.