Created Very Good.


One of the greatest weaknesses in most of us is our lack of faith in ourselves. – L. Tom Perry

Faith in ourselves. What an interesting statement. The reason I find this interesting, I suppose, is because I grew up thinking that to think of myself as good, or beautiful, or confidant or.. well anything besides a sinner and unworthy was, well, a sin. & not just a sin but prideful. For me to confidently say that I know I am capable and beautiful was for me to diminish God, his capabilities and beauty.... what a crock.

I don't know where it came from and I certainly don't care. All that really matters is that we all know that those statements about who we are are the exact opposite of God's heart for his children. The exact opposite.

What kind artist/creator (for he is, before all else, this) would create, form and breathe into his creation, call it beautiful and then expect (or even be okay) with it believing anything less than what he said it was. Beautiful.

The God of the universe, all stars and galaxies and super nova beautifulness - the God of the great depths and waters and everythign else... bent low and formed us from the earth. He breathed his life into our lungs, called us very good and set us to rule, and we walk around believing that we are unworthy, ugly, fat and incapable.  WHAT AN INSULT.

What an ABSOLUTE SLAP IN THE FACE for the created to call the creator a liar, if anything believing those lies about ourselves would be the sin. To believe yourself beautiful is worlds apart from believing you made yourself beautiful. To believe yourself capable is far different from believing your capable because you make yourself capable - you are those things because you were created to be those things.

You did not create yourself. You were created. You are worthy because he calls you worthy. You are beautiful because he created you beautiful.

What would this world look like if we stopped believing that we are trash and started living like compassionate, selfless....confident kings and queens? What if we believed that we were created very good from the beginning of time and lived in a way that exuded that confidence in our artist?

Life would pour forth. People would be captivated and begin to question what is different. OH! the joy in sharing the God who created us to walk in confidence and authority, not false humility and shame.

...and what if we stopped shutting eachother down. Waterfalls roar loud and have completely separate functions in this existence than the fruit tree - doesn't mean they will look similar or that either is less important in the cycle. Let's cheer eachother on, shall we?

Let's believe in one another. Let's have faith in ourselves.