Dear Dreamers,

large Dear dreamers:Hello my beautiful ones; You who with a heart so big as the noonday sun. Today I write directly to you.

To the dreamer who lost their way: First off I want to tell you, It's ok. The beauty of dreams is that no matter how far from the path you wander there will always be that glimmer inside that leads you 'home'. So take heart. Pick up your skirts, don you packs; set your brow and bend your backs to the task at hand. Right now is the perfect time to stop and look around, I promise there are markings here, reminders of your dreams and tomorrow is a new day, a beautiful day, full of ripe opportunity. Believe, you who wanders in search of what stirs them. Believe that out there there are people rooting for you, because there are. Believe that the stars align if only to make you gasp, that the sun rises if only to shed light on your existence, that the flowers that dot your journey bloom if only to steal the breath from your lungs. Believe that all of existence is watching as the gentle breeze of morning urges you forward into the good things that have been set before you. Believe too that good things will come disgused. That perseverance and patience will come wrapped in long days and frustration, but that you, you dreamer, can achieve great things.

And to you, who feels dwarfed at the sight of your dreams: I say to you, exercise your lungs! Yell for the sake of confidence, look up in the shadow of your seemingly impossible odds and tell them different! remind them that impossibility has never been an option. That success is one step at a time, and that with every breath in you, you will fight. Look into the eyes of nay-sayers and smile. Don't argue, just smile. Recognize the cloudy gaze of an extinguished flame - instead, believe. Fight on and your spark will ignight - will light up the night.

And to you who feels foolish in the pursuit: Let me remind you that you are beautiful. That the world looks at you and is intimidated because you refuse to back down. Let me remind you that your dreams, while seemingly impossible are so very needed. If you don't dream them, who will? Let me remind you that every soul who has fulfilled a dream stepped out, first, in faith (and I would argue most lacking faith that it might actually happen). Say yes to those who give power to the shreds of hope your carry. Walk hand in hand with those who would give wing to your wild heart. For arguments sake let's image you, dreamer, a bumble bee. A happy-fat little insect and while the world says you cannot fly for physics would argue in their favor, nature says (your inherent nature) you were made for it, for specific reason. So buzz on, dreamer.

and In Conclusion remember: they are attainable. Impossibility is in fact impossible. and without a doubt, It will be worth it.

sincerely, she