flash flood to the dome piece.

I used to have this friend who, when referring to his head, would use the term "dome piece". It never made sense to me but it always made me laugh. While I was sitting here thinking about all the things that have transpired over the last week that came to mind.. I'm not sure why but it feels right. Thus the title of this blog was born (in retrospect though "flash flood to the heart" might be more relevant). flood noun 1 a flood warning: inundation, swamping, deluge, high water; torrent, overflow, flash flood, freshet, spate. 2 a flood of tears: outpouring, torrent, rush, stream, gush, surge, cascade. 3 a flood of complaints: succession, series, string, chain; barrage, volley, battery; avalanche, torrent, stream, tide, spate, storm, shower, cascade. ANTONYMS trickle. verb 1 the whole town was flooded: inundate, swamp, deluge, immerse, submerge, drown, engulf. 2 the river could flood: overflow, burst its banks, brim over, run over. 3 imports are flooding the domestic market: glut, swamp, saturate, oversupply. 4 refugees flooded in: pour, stream, flow, surge, swarm, pile, crowd. ANTONYMS trickle.


Flood. The word really hits the nail on the head for me. This week has been a flood. A flood of emotion. A flood of truth. A flood of Glory. As a whole Com-Trans has been immersed, submerged, showered and swamped and we didn't wait to get comfortable to start, either. Our school, from day one, has been all about knowing and hungering for more of Jesus and looking to feed that hunger rather than break the ice first.

In the last 7 days I have again gone through almost every emotion known to man, been on my face and been jumping for joy. I have been smacked with truth, had my theology shifted and heard the voice of God. We've had 3 speakers so far and heard incredible stories from our school leader, Jeff Reid.. it's been awesome! and yet.. there has been so much.. if someone asked me what I've done in the last 7 days I,honestly, could not tell them.

We had debrief/processing time today to see what major things God's been doing in us as a group, and as we recounted the days I was SHOCKED at how much we had done, and God, in only 7 days (anyone else see the humor in my thinking? 6 days? 7 days? hahaa... duh). Anyways. I was going to try to re-count some of the incredible things I've learned and witnessed over this last week but I realize now, especially without my journal here, my attempt would be a huge fail.. so I'll just throw out some huge and recent ones.

If there is one thing we are really learning about and working toward its Authentic Community. Really knowing each other and honoring each other in the way that God sees and Honors us. One of the first days we all took 15 min to talk with one other person and really get to know who they are. Where they came from and things like that. Jeff challenged us to really see who that person was and then introduce them to the class. We're not talking things like "oh this person was cool to talk to" or "they are pretty and nice". People were sharing things like "In just having a conversation with this person I could really feel their passion for this or that".. It is incredible to actually get to know people for who they are and totally throw the typical standards for conversation out the window.

Song of Songs 4:9 You have ravished my heart, my sister, my bride, you have ravished my heart with a glance of your eyes, with one jewel of your necklace.

I think, though, while that is all good and whatnot the biggest thing I am learning is that God is passionately and RIDICULOUSLY IN LOVE WITH ME. I know I know that, "Jesus loves me this I know". But to really KNOW that.. To really know that GOD is more committed to me and to my heart than I could EVER BE, is a life altering truth. The GOD of the universe. ok, The God who made the world. Literally formed the world! IS RAVISHED.. 2 (often be ravished) poetic/literary fill (someone) with intense delight; enrapture : by the glance of my eyes. Even the weakest turn of my heart toward his CAPTIVATES HIM! even the crappiest attempt at loving him, Fills him with INTENSE DELIGHT!........oh my days. I am not sure that I totally grasp it yet, but SERIOUSLY. Jesus is so ridiculously in love with me. Josh Riebock said something along the lines of, "and when I say down and thought about my reason for not sharing the gospel at any chance I got I realized it was because I didn't believe that Jesus was the ONLY answer for EVERYONE.. sure maybe for me, but for everyone!". I was thinking about that the other day. Why does Jesus do Miracles? Because he is so devoted and so engulfed with LOVE for that person that he wants to heal them. I fully believe that if we are not moving from a place of understanding that GOD moves because he LOVES we are not moving at all. Like I said before, I know we know it, but do we really get it. I don't.. but Knowledge and Wisdom and Revelation are coming!

We don't have to try to be fruitful. A tree planted by a River is GOING to be fruitful. It's planted by a freaking river! We don't have to try! We don't have to strive. We don't have to Earn. We don't have to! WE DON'T HAVE TO. It's as simple as that! My job is not to go out and Do good deeds. My job is not to build churches and Feed the homeless. My Job is to dwell by the river. "It's ok to waste your life at his feet!".. and it is FROM the place of dwelling by the river that those things will come. It will be from the overflow of the heart. A tree doesn't need to try to provide shade for people. But when fruitful and full shade is a byproduct.

This is not missionary training. I am not here to be taught how to be a missionary. There is no 3 step program on how to hear the voice of God. It's about knowing him and knowing his love. It's about understanding how he feels about the world and about you and about me, and then moving from that place of love. I am just scratching the surface in the first week, I know that, but it already makes so much sense.. yeaaa..

ok. the last thing. This just blew my mind this afternoon. it doesn't really fit anywhere, but it is GOOD WORD:

"Listening to a lecture or sermon is not being fed! It's like they are reading you the menu and it's your job to choose for yourself and feast!"

When we are hungry we don't stand there and say, "man I'm hungry. This sucks" we do something about it. We Get food.


So... with that being said... GET SOME! xo.