okay, so I admit, we Jesus-loving folk sometimes dance the line of ridiculous word usage (if you can even call it that, half of them aren't words). Things like "BOOM", "Shakababa", "Insanimal", "Shabba" and an plethora of other colorful letter strung together to represent meaning pass our lips on the daily. One of those, that I am definitely going to put to use right now is, "Heavy-Revy" Yup. I said it. Heavy. Revy. Some serious revelation. A big 'ol' download from the man upstairs. Ok. I'm going to stop.

but not really. Today while walking out of my cultural-shmelting-pot of choice (aka community college) I was completely caught off guard by the thoughts that were taking their time trickling through my consciousness:

Jesus died to give me freedom.
Jesus did not die so I could worry, no.. re-word that, why did he die than? Jesus died so I could "laugh without fear of the future" (prov 31:25)
Jesus died to I would have peace like a river.
I have peace like a river. I've got a river of life flowing out of me.
It's splashing all around me - on those around me. It makes the lame to walk and the blind to see.
It opens prison doors and sets the captives free...Jesus died so I could live with peace in me.
I have peace in me. I'm a river of peace.

I was smiling. I was floating and smilingand it was the first time in months.
I choose to dip in peace.

You know those moments when you're like, "yea. I know that. Jesus died to set me free." but then the meaning really takes hold of your heart? Jesus DIED, the man gave his life so that I can look to tomorrow and the next day and my dreams and my hopes and my belief that promises will come to pass and LAUGH because I have no fear about them...

How 'bout that.