Gosh, it's one of those nights where I can't recall what life was like before YWAM. Before I was standing on chairs repenting for things. Before "come on"s and "that's so good"s littered my speech.

It's late, now, and I'm sitting here thinking about what it was like to live a 'normal' every day life loving Jesus and why I'm having such a hard time recognizing the every day as holy, just as DTS is holy.
I know it, in my head: everything is holy, or at least it should be. Breath is holy. Speech is holy, breakfast is holy. monday, tuesday and wednesday - all holy. the smile given to a friend in passing, holy. the lending of talents, holy. holy, holy, holy.

He is, and so we say it. Holy, Holy, Holy. So we live it. We live holy lives. Taren. We live holy lives. Everything we do, everything we say, every dream, every hope, every vision, every step, every move is holy and with my eyes locked on his, an offering unto his holiness.

So what does it look like for me to believe it?
My first challenge, for myself, is to stop selling my life short. Regardless of whither I'm standing on a street corner preaching the gospel, ministering to the heart of a homeless man, cooking a meal for my friends or creating a clay masterpiece my life is chalk full of the beautiful essence and touch of the Holy Spirit.

I want to really believe it. I want to look at my life, every day regardless of how the fruit may look on display, and know that each area of my life is sanctioned holy and accessible to the Lord. I want to be a woman whose fruit is lasting and filled with nutrients, not just pretty to look at (or one that withers away the next day). 

I'm done with bravado.
I want constancy.

I want to know that my disciplines are rooted, not dependent on the structure of someone elses program. I want to sustain vision. I want to be a woman of faith, to carry the beautiful things I've learned in this place into my every day life and thrive.

I want to thrive.
oh hey, goal for 2013: to thrive in the simplicity of a life saturated with holiness.