Live Alive

There are parts of me that I've almost forgotten. Parts that I have realized, perhaps, no one will ever be able to fully understand, and more often than not don't care to even know (for it takes time, and endurance to bear the weight of life, grief and experience with one another). It used to upset me but now it drives me. I want to know people. I want to understand them, and share in their highs and lows. I want to hear the triumph and feel the pain of all their lessons, of all their loves and of all their losses. Each one of us is this beautiful story, packed full with every emotion imaginable and unique experiences. How is it that we walk these days without looking up? without taking a moment to actually see one another?

I don't ever want to be that person. I don't ever want to live anything less than all of our stories.

I urge you, and myself, to reflect today on the things that have built you up to be who you are today. Hold the image of who you want to be, and the things you believe in close. Breathe deep in the knowledge that in you lay everything you will ever need. and rest well in that you can be exactly what you desire from others.

live alive.