Making it Beautiful

Our duty, as men and women, is to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist. We are collaborators in creation.- Pierre Teilhard de Chardi


From the very beginning it was the charge of humans as co-creators with God to ‘make it beautiful’. Multiply and subdue the earth, cultivate, breathe, paint, and create…dream. Make it beautiful. We live in such a breathtaking world, filled with color and diversity; intricacy and simplicity. There is nothing like this place, from the unseen molecules to the vast and endless chasm of light and space that is our universe. And yet we find our lives grey and dreary, unknowingly manipulating ourselves into the boxes of success, acceptance, religion or some other drab version of what we were created for. We sell away parts of our lives, trading vibrancy for colorless rags, draping ourselves in the lies and monotony of this fast paced world. Waste your life, it says. Speed on through. Don’t think, don’t breathe, just do. Look out for number one. Fight for your position, for your voice and for yourself – all the while our world becomes less and less bright. We’ve forsaken our purpose.

So how do we ‘make it beautiful’? We Dream.

We dream wild and grandiose dreams. We throw aside the restraints of reality and explore the precipices of our imagination. We break out of the disgusting, grimy little cages, we pick up the paintbrushes of our imagination and we begin. And of course because that is what we were designed for, in the likeness of the Creator, the Most Beautiful One, we find opposition to our dreams; it starts even deeper – we find ourselves shut down to the very process of allowing ourselves to dream at all. We’ve become so self focused that we’ve lost sight of the great and beautiful world beyond ourselves. Outside of our introspective lifestyle is creation crying out to be renewed; hearts that long to be known, children that long to be taught, families craving restoration – but more than that, dreams that have need to be fulfilled. We have but to look up. To stop and drink in creation. To allow ourselves to be stirred, to be revived and brought to life.

There are dreams everywhere. Jesus is just waiting for a heart to turn, like Moses to the burning bush, to see him, to hear him. For someone who will lift their eyes from themselves and ask him what he sees, what he wants to do. For someone who wants to ‘make it beautiful’ with him.

So, the question stands, what are you passionate about? What stirs your soul? What makes you want to run, dive, laugh, explore? What do you want to see in the people you love and how can you draw that out of them?

What are your dreams?