The Beauty of Relationship & Community.

So I've arrived safely in Kona - and it was a beautiful reunion! Jo and Tim & Sam came to pick me up at the airport. I was blessed enough to meet another YWAM'er at the airport in LAX so we sat next to each other on the flight. Random and Exciting. I was just laying around in the terminal, looking like a transient, and she leaned over and asked, "Are you with YWAM?".. aha.. that obvious huh? love it. The flight was long, but well worth it. I was welcomed back to the island with big smiles, hugs a impromptu sign and a lei.. and then led off to a staff/mission builder BBQ! It was wonderful to see what was left of the MB family and meet the new one! - but I really found my appreciation for relationship that night at the meeting. I'm sitting in the living room of the MB leaders, 35 of us packed in there, singing and enjoying each other and I remember looking up at my friends and thinking, what is this feeling? How is it possible to love someone so deeply, yet so simply? I am in love with these people. In the purest sense. I am not sexually attracted to them. I'm not attracted to the benefits of their friendship. I am, simply put, just in love. its a strange feeling.. like my heart might burst. Like I want to sit and write down everything I appreciate about each of them and then read it to them personally and individually. Like I want to freeze them in time and take in every detail and fiber of their being. I never want to miss a thing about them. As I sat there thinking about this I began to wonder.. is this what heaven will be like? An unbridled love for one another? Is this how god views me? I have to say.. quite a start to this adventure. liveLoveLOUD.