the receiving giver.

The seasons are shifting everywhere but here it seems. It's a constant 85 degrees and sunny in stark contrast to the Christmas lights and trimmings downtown. And while it's a completely foreign climate to me emotions, memories and the like are still stirred up in me amid the Christmas spirit.I remember when I was younger and we'd have wrapping paper fundraisers for school. My step dad would take my packet to work and people would buy heaps and heaps the month before Christmas. In my naivety I used to think that people would buy wrapping paper to help me get #1 seller in my school, you know, giving for the sake of giving - giving because it was worth it. In the last 15 min. though it's occurred to me that the sole reason people gave (or bought rather) was because they received something from it.

It got me thinking and wondering what it takes to make people want to sew into life. Do we have to make a holiday in which the month prior we hype up the 'need'? Do we need to convince people that life is worth giving to? Do we need to start a non-profit so people feel justified? or does this world need another charity that people can claim and boast? These questions when answered from a world standpoint never cease to drag me into a pit of hopelessness. People are selfish through and through. Only through Love, hope and faith is someone justified to their cause. Only through the lens of Love do I become worthy of my cause and worth giving to - without reciprocation. I admit that even I doubt this, me being worthy of my cause. I know my cause is worth it. I know the people of Mozambique are worthy to be loved, worthy to be served - but I am worthy to be the person to do it? It's a constant struggle for me to remind myself that I don't need to convince people that I am. It's when I fail to remember that it's God's job to do the impossible, and start hoping in people, that I end up discouraged. John 15:5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing." In retrospect this blog might have been for my own sake serving as a reminder to myself. Regardless, there it is. Love.