the schedule

I realize this isn't a profound post or anything, but I felt it necessary to make a comment about how ridiculous my life is. Since monday, returning to Kona from three months in Cambodia, I have had the most amazing time with some of the most beautiful people I've ever known. On the daily I have to block out my schedule for hang out times because there just aren't enough hours in the day! Between dreaming about the future, catching up with familiar hearts watching my beautiful students graduate and getting as much face time with Jesus as possible it's just chaos (in the best way possible)! It's currently 4am. I just returned from watching The Hobbit (which was........incredible to say the very least) and I realize that I have a hang out sesh planned for 3 hours from now, and one after that and then another... every hour from 7 am until 3pm is booked straight through. Then all my students leave. oh my gosh....what is this life? I couldn't ask for more. I can not believe I get to do this for life. PRAISE! I am thankful.