Three parts: Spirit, Mind + Body.


Disclaimer: I have no degree in this, I have only my experience thus far and it is by that which I speak. I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts, just comment below. And as always, yes, I'm sure my understanding of all of this will change in the next month, or year.. or whatever but it is my hope that this post will bring a sort of 'solidity' to the understanding of a seeking soul. It's really, at its origin, not as 'weird' as it's been made out to be.

I've been thinking much about this lately: about how there is only one creator, God and how everything outside of that is just a warped version of something created and intended beautiful - especially in regards to this whole new age, meditation focused, spirit sensitive culture that is emerging. I know, for some of you this is going to bend your mind and leave you feeling something akin to a bathed cat - but bear with me.

We, as humans, are comprised of three parts: spirit, mind + body. To deny that would be absurd (I'm open to discussion!). We each function heavily and naturally out of one of these, although I believe we all to some degree operate in all of them (even if you choose to ignore it, or deny it, it's my guess you just don't have words for what you're doing), and should be seeking to live from a place of all three in healthy balance.

There is this incredible, warped, world of which I believe was originally, and at its roots, a natural way (for some of us) of being, which I have begun to explore more and more as of late. It's one part of our collective three, and for me the one I operate out of most frequently, and by which I connect everything around me. It's my spirit. I know. Freak out.

I find myself seeking to understand, if only because it's there that I feel completely myself, completely welcome, this "new age culture". Yoga and meditation, the understanding of self, the earth, and the connection between souls. It's all so right, and all so incredibly wrong.

It doesn't surprise me, not one bit, that this way of life is sweeping the globe - because it, stripped of all it's self-glorying, self-seeking, self-empowering nastiness, is the very essence of the Holy Spirit. Connection. Reflection.

I recently spent some time with a group of yogi's and seeking souls and was completely and utterly blown away by the kindness, warmth and welcome they afforded me with having never met me before. They hugged me and held me. They spoke sweet words over me. They attempted to help connect me with who I am. They listened. They harbored little fear in their expression and encouraged me to do the same.  They allowed me to be me, and from that I was brought face to face with my brokenness, fear and insecurity in a "safe" place.

I wanted to weep and scream in the same moment.

Where are you church? Where are you? WHY HAVE I NEVER BEEN TAUGHT THIS WAY OF LOVE? Irrelevant of the place that all of those things came from, I could not help but feel that this is what I should be living like. This is how I am supposed to love (and I believe all of us). And this is why this lifestyle is like wild-fire in our day an age.

People are seekers. Our souls are crying out. Every fiber of our being wants to be satisfied in our existence, to feel whole and loved and welcome... We want to be nourished, and on more than just one level, but our spirits and souls are dying. We've created prisons of smiles and sarcasm and survival.

I feel that we have been taught, as those who love Jesus in the mainstream, to operate solely out of our mind, because that is concrete - and I believe it's because that part of us is easily containable. Easily controlled and manipulated. You can convince the mind. You can trick the mind. You can teach the mind... but the spirit? who ever caged a spirit? The spirit is dangerous and wild, and so we teach our friends and our children and our congregations to steer clear and it's resulted in a dehydrated generation.

And as it goes there will never be a lack of something stepping up to fill the empty space that we find in ourselves, and if it's not Christ its death.

All that to say, where are you Spirit walkers? Where are you dream interpreters and meditation teachers? Where are you joy bringers and life givers? You creative spirits? I believe you are out there. Those of you who feel in the spirit, who see in the spirit, who have the ability to wade through the bullshit and cradle the heart. You soul menders and spirit healers. You teachers of all that listed? It's not a pedestal. It's love. It's not about the power, it's about Jesus. It's not about you. or me. or focusing on ourselves. It's about the balm of the Holy Spirit, and the deep within each of us. I want you to heal because outside of all the infection within us, we can more clearly see Jesus, we can breathe and in flows Joy.

So I'm gunna love. and I'm gunna meditate. and I might even learn to interpret dreams, or read the stars, or see the colors of your spirit (you're still reading? ha!)... because it was all intended to help usher you into the deeper things and parts and nooks of the one and only eternal God.